About Us

Mercator Analytics Incorporated is a Canadian consultancy founded in December 2018, based in Hamilton, Ontario. We are presently a non-distributing Canadian-controlled private corporation. As a consultancy, we specialize in quantitative market and political analysis. We find and foster ethical innovations in water, infrastructure, and energy-related technologies, processes, and practices. We look for firms that balance profit with fairness, and innovation with responsible stewardship of our shared heritage in global and especially urban water futures.

Corporation Number: 1114179-1

Business Number (BN): 720021310RC0001

Corporate Name: Mercator Analytics Incorporated

Governing Legislation: Canada Business Corporations Act – 2018-12-12

Director: Loren King, PhD (loren@mercatoranalytics.com)

Chief Science Officer: Kim Dej, PhD (science@mercatoranalytics.com)